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Data deployments is a core part of Salesforce implementation and can be required more often as a repetitive task. It can get complex depending on the number of objects and the relationships between them.

DumpIT is a Java-based command-line utility for copying or cloning data from one Salesforce org to another and can be useful and save a lot of time. It can serve as the last piece of the puzzle in complicated Salesforce deployments.

Grab your cup of coffee, relax and let DumpIT do all the hard work for you. Enjoy the features of this powerful but simple to use tool:
  • CPQ implementation is mainly data-driven and deployment can be complicated and time-consuming. DumpIT can make is possile in just a few minutes.
  • Same goes for Advanced Approvals.
  • Similar to CPQ, DumpIT can be used to deploy Field Service Lightning related data from one Org to another.
  • Cloning data between Sandboxes for development and testing teams.
  • Cloning data between unrelated Orgs.
  • Setting up sandboxes with valid data from production to do quick PoCs.
  • Selectively copying data from one Salesforce Org to another.
Installing DumpIT takes just a few steps and is similar to setting Salesforce migration toolkit.

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